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Friday, 13 July 2012

pauls blog

I went to another school to do forest schools! I kept on calling Lewis a spykid to annoy him, I also ran about some times because I got bored.

dictated by paul
written by lewis

Going to my old school by Ieuan Roberts

This week in forst school I went back to my old school and I meet my old teacher miss simpson and I thought that she would of lifted by now because it has been 5 and a half years the school has cheanged beacuse it has been merge sins  I went there.

|On wednesday I went to a school whit MR. fenner  we eat are lunch at the parck wen we was finishd we went on and plade tag untell we got to a roda and then we stopd wen we got there the techer of that school told us we was makeing phot frames and me mike and ieuan made a big one and then we hade a phot tuke in it and then we turd it in to a den. by dylan jack virgin.

Lewis's Blog Yet Again

The first time in ages we did forest schools. But this wasn't any regular forest school because we went to another school! We were making picture frames and me Michael and Dylan were making a base plus Paul was calling me spy kid all the time. It is'nt finished yet and I doubt that we'll be going there again but oh well. also I was being given the grass and wood to put on the roof of it. Also if I remember correctly Liam was also working with some kid called Ellie

michaels forest school blog

this week in forest school at another school which i loved because it was a great walk which we all just chatted on.then we got to the school the class size was must bigger than ours and we were all a bit nervous. we got told to make a picture frame out of twigs, but what did we do made a massive one then took a picture of it and turned it into the base for the younger ones.

joel blackmore

to day in forest school me and kurt made a tawer and we helpt mace and lite the fiyer and then after that i playd on the swing and then i put the fire out.
today in forest school Me Jaydon and Kieran made a standing up tower and it was really good and we all liked it and then we all played on the swing including kurt and joel.

kurt virgin

today in forest school we and joel was making a tall strutre made from wood plact and melt then we made a fire.  Then we played on the swing
today me luke and jaydon made a standing up tower and then i played on the swing
and then done the fire.

jaydon simpson

today me luke and kiran made a standing up tower and then i played on
the swing with kiran and luke . this tearm has been fun.

Friday, 6 July 2012


at the farm i cleaned a load of chicken eggs, and i could of took a load of them home but i only took one. in total there was 21 eggs. and the weather was really bad.


to day in foret scoohli wet out side and it was ranig and i wet to the fores scools erea and mr fener made up a game we hate to get woter and pore it in to the surs pan and i did it 3 to 4 tims .

kurt virgin

To day in forest school the class lite a fire it toke a long time but it was very fun but ait rained the hole time

darrem coombes

today i made a fire and i put papar on the fire it was raning so i got wet so much

Kieran Shire

I learnt how to make a fire in the rain. We played a game called CAN MAN it was great.

Dictated Kieran
Typed Mr Fenner

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Kyle Brady

Today I had to miss some of the lesson to catch up on some work when I got out I finished mini henge and now its finished we checked on thepond weed and fertilized some of the trees.

Kyle Brady

Ethan Smart

Today me and Mr Shipley struggled to make a fire cause of the silly wind and after we made the fire wewent to show Mr Shipley the pond and we showed Mr SHipley the pond weed and we went and put some of it by the trees.


Friday, 29 June 2012


to day i forest scool i finisht my robot of and then i help to do the fiyer and i put stics on is a nd i went on awer base roof and got stics of it and put iton the fiyer

kiraen shire

today i helped light the fire with kurt jaydon daz joel this leason was very fun

jaydon simpson

today i  helped do the fire with kurt kiran  darren joel thats it reall i like this leason

kurt virgin

to dat it forst school me and joel was makina our robot we put the mouth and eyes on and then me do the fire with joydon darren and kieran. to day was fun.

darren coombes

today i have been putting wood paper on a big fire its was so good love it

Friday, 22 June 2012

liam forest

when I went to acton mill I moued some ducks and some sheep and we lost a sheep we all needed to find it me and joel .

From liam

designing a robot

today we did forest school jaydon did the fire and darren helped him we have to ve creative so we went in our base looked for equipment to make somethink but we couldnt find nuffin but then we found this box so we though about making a robot so we got the box we used yhe box for the face and the head i got a black pen and drawed eyes and a mouth on it but they had a better idea they got a piece of wood and drilled holes in it for eyes then they found a mouth it was a metal thing with a hole in it so we put that on then i had a idea i went back to my classroom got a piece of paper cutted strips of paper and got some crayon coloured the strips of paper and used it for hair then i went back outside then stuckthem on the robot and used it for haire then we drilled holes in the body and put some metal clippers and a metal stick for arms and hands next week we are goin to stick the eyes on and the mouth and we will make some feet and we will stick it all together in dt with a gluegun and we will paint the body in lots of colous and paint the head and the whole of the body it was a good lesson today i like our robot me and joel and kurt worked together on the arms and the mouth and the arms and the head and the hair and the body and the hands i cant wait till its dt to put it altogether.

joel blackmore

to day in foreat school i mayd a robot

kurt virgin

To day in forest school me joel and leon was making a robot out of wood placit and a kable real it was fun i enjoed it


today i was making a fire with jaydon  and it was good like it and kurt and leon and joel was being creative.
today mr let me light the fire and we had to find er own wpood not to us papper i likie this leason


today in forest school i made a robot

Friday, 15 June 2012

Liam's Farm blog

At the farm I done a sign for a bloke who makes boats at the farm. But i didn't do no farming becaus Mr Price said you were only allows to do 1 job. There was farming, painting, steciling and I did the stenciling.And i finished it on that 1 day and the bloke said "if you are here next week i will give you a present becaus you have done  a fantastic job."

dictated By Liam

Friday, 1 June 2012

joel blackmore blog

to day in forest school i went out side and mr fener exsplad wot i hav to do  and i did it and after he expland it i got brics to mr feners car

Kieran Shire's BLOG


darren coombes

today i was moveing bricks to the car than i raked out side then i got water to put on th fire then we when in the end

leon davison smith

today me and kieran made a fire it was very fun.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Ethan' Blog

Today we had set fire to dry leaves by using a Magnifying glass. We had to wait for a full 15 seconds and when it came to full wave it was horendous. And it has marked a tree.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Ethan Smart

today we finished of our marble course i almost dislocated my sholder but im alright. because of the weight with the mud in it it was really heavy.

Miguel's Blog

Today we first saw a pipe that went underground, we put our marbles inside it went rolling all the way down. The black marble won but it was because it was only meant for one marble at a time.

So we made it deeper by digging some mud and spreading it over the top then we had a race with the marbles and I won.

Dictated By Miguel
Typed Mr Fenner

Callum's Marble blog

Today we did marbles and then we put the marbles through the shoot and it gone down the bottom of the grey and come out and Mr Fenner said you've got a challenge "see if you can race doen the bottom before the marble comes".

Dictated By Callum
Typed Mr Fenner

Friday, 11 May 2012

Callum's Blog

Today I did a Roman Road. Then we put concrete all over the thingy and then put stones with sand and that's it.

Dictated By Callum

Miguel's Blog

Today we put concrete on our roads and then we were safe because we had gloves and I learn't that cement can burn you and then we spread it around a bit and tnen we got water from the pond and we poured on the cement and we are leaving it until monday when it should be as hard as rock.

Dictated By Miguel

Kyle's Blog

Today we put the cement down on our roman roads but we were wearing gloves so that it didn't burn us.

Dictated By Kyle

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Miguel's Blog

Today I had got wet and we had to go and find rocks and smack them into the ground with our mallets. Kyle and I got told off for being silly.

Dictated By Miguel
Typed Mr Fenner

Kyle's Blog

Today we collected some rocks and hammer them into the ground and then we pretended to be strange creatures and Mr Fenner told us off for making strange noises like "Mahookagagaoohkahy"

Callum's blog

Today we did our roman road again and we put rocks in the road and then Mr Fenner it's time to do our blogs.

Dictated By Callum
Typed Mr Fenner

Monday, 30 April 2012

kurt virgin

to day in forest school me and jaydon was making our romeman road.

jaydon simpson jaguar

me and kurt put the sand hand finished it of it was a good leason


in dt to day we was finishing the roman roads it was good and fun

Friday, 20 April 2012


When I got on the bus I put on my seat nbelt so I could go to the farm at the farm I got soated mouing some sheep out of the barn into a field Then I walked back down and moved a cow and a ball it rained the whole time.

Lukes and darrens blog

Today in forest school me and darren went to the almont and we got some stons and put them in the wheel barrow and bukit and next week we are bilding a roman road.


today we did the road we went to the alotment and got some stones